November 26, 2022

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Helmet?

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Since I started my career in the bicycle industry, the bike helmet has been a controversial topic. Recent observations have shown that there has been a shift in opinion on helmets in both the positive and negative directions. This leads me to believe people are starting to think about safety more deeply, but also have a different perspective about Ducati carbon fiber.

I have listed some reasons people wear or don’t wear Ducati diavel exhaust. How do you fit in? Although some of these reasons may seem trivial or insignificant, I have found that they are often the basis of people’s decisions.

Why people DON’T wear helmets:

• Studies have shown that helmets increase risk and can cause accidents
• A helmet is not enough to protect you from life-threatening injuries.
• Helmets look uncool
• Helmets can irritate my hair and prevent me from wearing the hats I want
• Helmets are too uncomfortable to wear
• Bicycle helmets are mandatory and can discourage people from riding their bikes, which creates a less secure environment for cyclists

Why people DO wear helmets:

• Higher visibility in general
• Weather Protection
• Up to 47% of cyclists who are injured get head injuries
• A helmet can reduce the chance of a head injury/
• I want my children to be a good example
• It makes me feel more secure and less exposed
• A US research on children and bicycle helmets found that, despite being proven to reduce brain injury in children by as much as 85%, they still want to be worn.

The Ducati 959 exhaust Bicycle Habitat illustrates their opinions using a list that includes more funny reasons to wear a helmet

• 900 Bicycle accidents are the leading cause of death each year, with 75% of those deaths due to head injuries.
• 88% of all brain injuries suffered by cyclists could have been avoided
• This can make you more visible.
• Some people are cool wearing a helmet.
• You must wear a helmet when riding a Bicycle Habitat bike.
• The law requires that you have at least 14 years of age to apply for it. (in the USA).
• Your mother won’t be able to tell you, “You should have worn a helmet,” when she wakes you up at the hospital.
• A head injury could ruin your entire day.
• Helmets are less likely than other vehicles to cause asphalt damage.

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