September 29, 2022

Tourist places to visit in Amarnath

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Amarnath: The Ultimate Pilgrimage
Being the most important holy shrine of Hinduism, Mount Amarnath with the Amarnath caves are located in the state Jammu and Kashmir. Resembling Shiva Linga, and dedicated to Lord Shiva, this pious destination is at an altitude of 3888m and it is 141km from Srinagar. It is a pilgrimage as old as 5000years with more than 4lakhs of people visiting on every season of July August.

A popular religious spot it’s a place of wonder, spirituality and adventure. A holy trinity in the form of ice stalagmite lies in the Amarnath caves, where along with Lord Shiva the other two ice formation of Parvati and Lord Ganesha. According to Hindu mythology, it is the place where Lord Shiva recited the core truth behind birth and death and the ultimate meaning of life. Two doves accidently were in those caves and heard the mystery as narrated and from then they were born again and again and that has become their perpetual abode. Many devotees have seen these doves while praying at Amarnath. The natural beauty amidst the snow covered Himalayan peaks truly embodies a religious destination and an ambience where every soul feels the presence of Almighty.

Climate in Amarnath
The general climate of Amarnath is truly very cold and for every tourist woolen clothes is a mandatory requirement. The summer season in the holy region of Amarnath stays from May to October with temperature around 15C. It is the best time to visit as the routes are clear and undisrupted by snow falls. Winters are bone rattling cold in Amarnath where the minimum temperature falls down to -6C. This stretches from the month of November to February. It is absolutely not allowed to visit the Amarnath caves in this season due to security purposes.

How to reach Amarnath?
Amarnath By Air

Srinagar is the nearest Airport to Amarnath. Srinagar Airport is a domestic airport with daily flights flying to Delhi and Jammu. Apart from these there are flights from different cities on special days which can be availed to reach Srinagar. However for International visitors Delhi is the closest international terminal with many flights to different parts of the world.

Amarnath By Rail
The nearest railway station is Jammu from where there is well connectivity with railway lines to various parts of the country.

Amarnath By Road
Both Jammu and Srinagar have good road transports with buses which are frequent and much comfortable. From Jammu it is a bus ride of 363 km to the entry point of holy trek of Amarnath. From there it is a 50km trek to the pious caves of the holy God.

Hotels in Amarnath
Amarnath Yatra is usually done by trekking all the way from Pahalgam which lies at a distance of 50km. There is no elite accommodation system but rented tents can be taken for the nights at a cheaper cost of around hundred rupees per night. There are three places where night halts are allowed and they are Nunwan Yatri Camp, Seshnag, Panchtarni. Pillows, Quilts and lanterns are available from the tent owners. A tent usually accommodates around 12 yatris.

Places to visit in Amarnath

Amarnath Yatra and having a glimpse of Amarnath Caves and uttering few prayers are the only attraction of the millions of devotees which visit the holy destination.

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