November 28, 2022

Top 10 Wiki submission Sites 2022

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Wiki sites come in a different type. Here are a few wikis that you should check out.

A wiki is a collaboratively maintained website that serves as a knowledge source for a specific topic. There are many different sorts of wiki websites available nowadays.

Wikipedia is at the very top of the heap. It’s the world’s largest collection of encyclopedic knowledge. On the other hand, wiki websites exist for a wide range of topics, including games, celebrities, novels, and nearly anything else.

Here are 10 wikis that you should check out.

1. Wikitravel
When it comes to vacation planning, you should avoid privately operated websites like TripAdvisor. The material on such sites is frequently deceptive, as it is difficult to distinguish between paid advertisements and authentic content. And that’s before you consider the persistent problem of false reviews.

Wikitravel is a far superior resource for travel information. It’s been up and running since 2003, with a staff of administrators in charge. They can undo unwanted updates, delete pages, lock pages, and generally maintain the site’s material up to date and spam-free.

2. WikiHow

The content available is highly diverse. Sports and fitness, cars and other vehicles, health, pets and animals, relationships, philosophy and religion, and many other themes are among the site’s categories.

WikiHow maintains tight editorial requirements, despite the fact that anyone can add to the wiki website. A typical article has had 23 individuals update it and another 16 people review it.

3. WikiBooks

The incredible resource of open-content textbooks, annotated texts, instructional guides, and manuals on WikiBooks earns it a spot on our list of wiki sites. Fiction, primary research, and published writings are not included.

Computing, Engineering, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Miscellaneous, Recreational Activities, Science, Social Sciences, Standard Curricula, and Children’s literature are among the 11 primary categories. For ease of navigation, each group is further segmented.

You may also search for books based on their completion status and reading level.

4. Wiktionary

Dictionaries in print can be costly. The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, is 20 volumes long, weighs 140 pounds, and costs more than $500 on Amazon. Even a yearly subscription to the OED’s website is $90.

As a result, Wiktionary is an example of a wiki that can help you save money. It’s a multilingual dictionary with definitions for every word provided in English, regardless of the original language. More than 6.5 million words from more than 4,000 dialects are now included.

5. Fandom

The majority of the wiki sites in the Fandom network are dedicated to games, TV shows, movies, and other entertainment-related content. It has 385,000 community wikis and more than 50 million individual pages as of this writing.

Some of the most popular wikis on Fandom include Stranger Things, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Grand Theft Auto, and Elder Scrolls.

Each wiki contains extensive information about the cast, characters, filming locations, soundtrack, and other aspects of the film. Fans of the show/movies can also communicate and connect in the large community sections.

6. Wikispecies

We can all recognize a dog or a horse, for example. Hobbyists may even be able to recognize certain insects, snakes, or birds. What about a Phyllida varicosa, though? Is it a Pelomyxa palustris or a Pelomyxa palustris? No, we didn’t think so.

Wikispecies is to the twenty-first century what Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was to the nineteenth. It aspires to be the world’s most comprehensive inventory of Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, and Protista (i.e., living forms).

The wiki has around 800,000 species. So there are just eight million people left to write about…

7. Gamepedia

Gamepedia is a trademark that encompasses hundreds of game-related wikis. Wowpedia (about World of Warcraft), Dota 2 Wiki, No Man’s Sky Wiki, and Zelda Wiki are among the most popular wikis in the collection.

Each wiki is jam-packed with game-specific guides, plot lines, facts, trivia, in-game graphics, and more, as you’d expect. Some wiki sites even have their own online shops.

8. Wikimedia Commons

It’s not easy to find media to include in your book, film, podcast, social media content, or website. Sites like YouTube and Facebook are becoming more harsh in eliminating content that violates copyright, even if the violation was accidental.

One option is to use Wikimedia Commons. It has 75 million photos, sound files, and video clips that are all free to use. If you decide to use the content, just make sure you follow the attribution rules for each file.

9. TV Tropes

Another type of wiki website is TV Tropes. It compiles plot motifs, stories, traditions, and methods that appear in a wide range of literature. Because it is a wiki, anyone can contribute to the ever-growing list of tropes.

The site’s initial concentration was mainly on television shows and films. Literature, comics, manga, video games, music, advertisements, and even toys are now included. You can sort the results by media type or trope type. There’s also a place for community discussion.

10. Baseball Reference

Baseball is a sport that is greatly influenced by data and statistics, therefore it’s no wonder that it is the subject of the internet’s largest sports wiki.

It’s a treasure for anyone interested in current and past baseball players, teams, scores, and stats. There are profiles for 20,000 former and current players, as well as season-by-season examinations of every area of the sport’s minutiae.

The Minor, Japanese, Cuban, and Korean leagues, as well as the NCAA Division I and summer collegiate leagues, are all represented.

Baseball-Reference is a member of the Sports Reference family, which is the largest in the world. Basketball, American football, soccer, and ice hockey all have wikis maintained by the same organization.

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