November 28, 2022

Pursue Aircraft Engineering Courses in India and Build Your Career in the Aviation Sector

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In the Aircraft engineering course, the aircraft in itself is one of the eye-catching points among the students. In the past few years, Aircraft Engineering has come into the limelight as Indian aviation sector has shown its tremendous growth, which makes students more fascinated with aircraft. The number of air passengers and job opportunities have also shown a great hike in the aviation sector. Aircraft Engineering is not the course; it is the combination of the courses, which are subcategories as:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME): Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an international license-based course in which tasks like maintenance, repair, testing, overhauls, and troubleshooting of the aircraft are executed. No aircraft can take off without approval from a skilled AME.

Aeronautical Engineering: Aeronautical Engineering is one of the undergraduate level engineering courses in which students will learn about the planning, designing, manufacturing, inspection, upgrading, and testing of aircraft.

Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace Engineering is one of the branches in the aviation sector that educates students about the designing, managing, planning, construction, innovation, inspection, and testing of aircraft, satellites, rockets, space-shuttles, etc. This branch is commonly known as “Rocket Science.”

What is the Aircraft Engineering Eligibility Criteria for Admission?

Students must satisfy the Aircraft Engineering eligibility criteria to take admission and build their career in one of the world’s most reputed organizations. The Aircraft Engineering admission eligibility criteria are such as:

  • Students must be appearing or have passed the 12th with PCM from a recognized board.
  • Students with Diplomas in Mechanical, Electrical, and Aeronautical Engineering are also eligible.
  • B Tech in any stream is allowed to pursue this course.
  • Students must not have color blindness.
  • The student should qualify for the AME CEE to be part of one of the top Aircraft Engineering colleges/institutes/universities in India with upto 100% scholarship.

How to get admission in Aircraft Engineering course at One of the Top Colleges in India?

The Aircraft Engineering course admission to one of the top colleges in India is one of the responsible jobs that can be attained by following the simple steps given below:

  • Students must fulfil the Aircraft Engineering admission eligibility to be admitted.
  • Students should apply for the AME CEE application form at
  • After qualifying for the examination, students have to attend their AME CEE admission counselling to get admission to one of the premier Aircraft Engineering colleges with upto 100% scholarship based on the All India Rank (AIR).

What are the Aircraft Engineering Careers and Scopes in the Aviation Sector in India?

The way India is growing Aircraft Engineering careers and the scope in the aviation sector is sky-scraping in the upcoming years. The sectors in which Aircraft Engineering candidates can have a great career and scope are as follows:

  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation Organizations
  • Flying Clubs
  • Aviation Training Centres
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Research Organizations
  • Numerous other places where aircraft are being used.