November 26, 2022

Online Robert Frost Biography

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Robert Frost was born into the family of William Prescott Frost and Isabelle Moodie Frost on the 26th March, 1874 and Frost started kindergarten in 1879. The very first day he attended kindergarten, he fell ill with stomach pains. He had to stop kindergarten and stayed with his mom. His mom was a teacher who got him educated within the first 10 years of his life. Anytime Robert Frost prepared to get back to school, he was always struck with nervous stomach pains. The stomach pain persisted until his family relocated to New Hampshire. At this place, Robert’s mom started teaching the class of fifth grade in which Robert Frost and his sister Jeanie were among the student. Through this, Robert Frost was highly interested in going back to school, he then sat for entrance examination to Lawrence High School where he was admitted and completed his high school education.

Robert Frost developed an interest in writing and was happy with it. When he was in Lawrence High school, he wrote his first poem in school bulletin in April 1980 and also wrote many poems after which he graduated and got admission to Dartmouth College. Robert Frost still maintained his writing after his college days. He got a job at Lawrence Daily American and Sentinel as reporter.

After securing a job, he got married to Elinor White and had their first son named Elliot in 1896. Robert Frost got admitted to Harvard and was given Siwall Scholarship for his academic excellence. He left Harvard in 1899 and delivered another child named Leslay. Along the line, Robert Frost fell ill and the doctor advised him to stop his careers which used to occupy most of his time. This type of work does not give him time to rest. He now switched to poultry work in which he developed his interest, although he still does some writing works once in a while.

In 1900, Elliott died of cholera and Robert Frost wife died of cancer. Robert Frost relocated to New Hampshire on the 30 acre farm own by his grandfather. After his grandfather’s death, he left $500 annuity with ownership of the farm to Robert Frost. After 7 years again, Robert Frost remarried and was blessed with 3 daughters and a son. After 3 days of his youngest daughter, she died. But Robert Frost endured.

In 1912, Robert Frost relocated to England and started writing work completely, after some months, he published hi first book titled “A Boy’s Will”. In 1914, he published another book titled “North of Boston”. He went back to America in 1915; he was amazed for his acceptance. On getting to America, he started going on invitation to read and speak at some colleges and was given a teaching apartment at Amherst College. He was there working until 1920 when Jeanie was mentally derailed.

In 1923, Robert Frost published 2 set of books titled “Selected Poems” and “New Hampshire”. He got an award in 1924 on “New Hampshire”. In 1928, he published another book called “West-Running Brook” with new edition of “Selected Poem”. He published “Collected Poems” in 1930. He went on leave by force when his daughter Marjorie was sick with puerperal fever. He got back to work in 1935. In 1937, Elinor died of heart failure. Robert Frost was greatly affected. In 1939, he received Gold Medal from National Institute of Arts and Letters in New York. He published series of books afterwards and died in January 29th, 1962 in the hospital.

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