November 26, 2022

Online Mark Twain Biography

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Mark Twain was born on the 30th November, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. The birth names of Mark Twain are Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was an American philosopher. Mark Twain was good in writing and telling amusing stories in his time.

Mark Twain came from a good family. The name of his father was John Marshall Clemens. He was a lawyer and a merchant John Marshall Clemens provides small business for his family after their relocation to Florida from Tennessee. After five months in Florida, they gave birth to a boy and named him Samuel Langhorne. The name Samuel was given to the baby boy after his old Virginia friend. The baby boy was small and weak. Samuel Clemens was able to survive all weather conditions.

John Clemens relocates all his family to Hannibal in Mississippi River town. He later grown up and started schooling but an end came to Samuel’s education after the death of his father in 1847. At this level, the children had to fend for themselves. Samuel’s elder brother Orion was a printer while his sister Pamela has music knowledge. She organized a music class. Samuel was given out as apprentice to learn printing work from Ament. Samuel was with Ament until Orion was able to buy paper in bulk so that they can start their printing work together. In 1853, when Samuel has not reached 18 years of age Samuel left Hannibal for New York City without letting his brother and sister know his where about. On getting to New York, he got an employment on printing office in Cliff Street. Samuel later moved to Philadelphia, he work for a while and left for Washington.

Meanwhile, Orion his brother has set up himself at Iowa. But Samuel Clemens stayed in Keokuk until 1856 to 1857 during the winter season. He left for Cincinnati to work in printing office.

South California got their independence in December 1860 when the war started Louisiana got her independent in January 1861 and Samuel Clemens was in New Orleans. Because Samuel Clemens has a flare for South, he travelled to Hannibal to register his company and that of his brother on printing jobs. Few days later, he went to his mother and then see his sister in St. Louis for they were living together. He started lecturing in Keokuk and Hannibal.

He went back to New York for his job season. In August 1868, he took Innocents Abroad Manuscript and came back to San Francisco. The book made by Samuel Clemens which is now known as Mark Twain could be found throughout the East and Middle West. He set his headquarters in Hartford and in Elmira in New York.

His book was printed in July 1869 with huge success. He got married on the 2nd February 1870 in which his publishers gave him his accumulated money of $4000 at three months to his wedding. Mark Twain preferred to settle down in New York since he had purchased Express of buffalo in New York and build his residence for him and his wife. With all his success and all the odds of life. He died on the 18th of July 1908 at Stormfield in his house.

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