November 26, 2022

Online Biography – Stephen Hawking

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Stephen hawking was born in 1942 in Oxford England. He was the eldest of the 4 children that his parents had. Stephen Hawking parents prefer to reside in Oxford England despite that they have their personal home in North London and the World War II was on.

Stephen Hawking’s parents relocated to St. Albans when Stephen Hawking was eight years of age. Stephen Hawking loves to disorganize radios and some other instruments. Therefore, Stephen Hawking’s parents registered him in the private school in St. Alban at the age of eleven in Preparation College in Oxford. As a teenager, he had been so ambitions to be a mathematician despite that his father prefers him to go for medicine. His parents were alumnus of Oxford University. Stephen Hawking result was excellent and he proceeded to Oxford University to study physics because mathematics course was not available. He graduated with first class and proceeded to Cambridge University where he specializes on cosmetology and majored in Physics.

As a child, Stephen hawking was never physically doing something that is difficult but when he was at 3rd year in college, everything turns difficult. When he was at Oxford, he felt weak and sometimes collapse for no reason. His father took him to their family physician.

In 1962, he was diagnosed of having Lou Gehrig’s disease which leads to brain, nerve cells and spinal cord deterioration. The doctor could not give normal medication but just gave him ordinary vitamins because he thought this will sustain Stephen hawking for little years above the diagnosis as the death for such disease do occur through suffocation or pneumonia. Therefore, the doctor told his parent that there was no remedy for such sickness. This conclusion of death kept him in dilemma as he did not know whether to proceed on his work to pursue his PhD.

Stephen hawking was popular in his college. He came across a woman in 1963 called Jane Wilde who was schooling at Westfield College in London. Stephen hawking proceeded in his PhD in faith and completed it. Stephen Hawking became a Research Fellow in Gonville and Caius College in Cambridge and got married to Jane Wilde in 1965. They have 3 children named Robert, Lucy and Timothy.

Stephen hawking proceeds in his cosmology studies and ignores all his medical condition. This disease led him to be wheelchair bound and his life depends on his family and the attendant and still he did not stop functioning at the high level as he carried on his research without doing any lecturing because he could not speak as such. Stephen hawking became a professor. He joined Applied Mathematics and theoretical physics in 1973 and became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1979.

Things began to be difficult for Stephen Hawking and in 1980 his family employed nurses for him. In 1985, he was infected with pneumonia and tracheotomy. He could not speak or communicate. It got a stage where he used computer program to communicate through a hand held switch. Through this method, he was able to write books, papers and lectures.

Stephen hawking and Roger Penrose invented Einstein’s theory of relativity showing that space and time came to existence through the Big Ban and ended in black holes.

Stephen hawking also involved in making the hypothesis in 1981 and 1983 that the universe has no boundaries both in physical or temporal. Stephen hawking has 12 honorary degrees with awards and now receiving full time care which was paid for through many foundation grants.

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