November 26, 2022

In Which Were Sectors AME Jobs Performed?

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Is there Great Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Job Opportunities Worldwide?

Yes, there is a great Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) job opportunities worldwide are mesmerizing. The plethora of opportunities makes this career one of the most fascinating careers for students. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one of the unique engineering courses that correlate to the maintenance, inspection, repair, upgrade, testing, and solving issues related to the aircraft. The skilled AME is responsible for the safety and security of the aircraft and their passengers. No aircraft can take off without first verifying the airworthy condition of the aircraft with the licensed AME.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a programme in which students study for two years on campus and two years on the job at the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), a government-approved organization. Under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the DGCA is the Indian regulatory body in charge of civil aviation rules and regulations.

In Which Were Sectors Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs Performed?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an international license-based course through which students can perform jobs in the private and government aviation sectors worldwide. The sectors for the AME jobs are as follows:

  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) industries
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation Organizations
  • Flying Clubs
  • Aviation Training Centres
  • Civil Defence Forces

Numerous other places where aircrafts are being used

Which are the Top Companies for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs Worldwide?

Top Companies for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs worldwide can be judged on numerous aspects. Skilled AMEs can do the job and build their dream career. A few of the top organizations where AME can do jobs in India, Dubai, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), and United States of America (USA) are listed below:

  1. Top Companies in India for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs
  2. Air India
  3. IndiGo
  4. SpiceJet
  5. Go Air
  6. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  7. Air Works India (Engineering) Pvt. Ltd
  8. Deccan Charters Limited
  9. Indamer Aviation Pvt. Ltd
  10. Max MRO Pvt Ltd
  11. Taj Air
  12. Bird ExecuJet
  13. GMR Aero Technic Ltd
  14. Top Companies in Dubai for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs
  15. Emirates
  16. Flydubai
  17. Air Arabia
  18. Etihad Airways
  19. Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies – ADAT
  20. Aerostar Asset Management
  21. Emirates Airline Engineering
  22. ExecuJet Middle East
  23. Gamco Thales Systems
  24. Goodrich Customer Services
  25. Hawker Pacific Avionics
  26. Jet Aviation
  27. Top Companies in Canada for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs
  28. Air Canada
  29. WestJet
  30. Air Transat
  31. Porter Airlines
  32. Flair Airlines
  33. WestJet
  34. Canadian North
  35. Sunwing Airlines
  36. Swoop
  37. Air North
  38. Pacific Coastal Airlines
  39. Northwestern Air
  40. The Hillman Group, Inc.
  41. Eriks North America
  42. Grainger Canada
  43. Top Companies in UK for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs
  44. British Airways Engineering
  45. Flybe Aviation Services
  46. KLM UK Engineering
  47. Monarch Aircraft Engineering
  48. Cardiff Aviation
  49. Aer Lingus UK
  50. British Airways
  51. Eastern Airways
  52. Jet2
  53. Loganair
  54. Virgin Atlantic
  55. Top Companies in USA for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Jobs
  56. ST Engineering
  57. HAECO Group
  58. Lufthansa Technik
  59. AAR
  60. Aviation Technical Services
  61. National Compressor Exchange
  62. Vaughan’s Industrial Repair Co., Inc.
  63. Delta Air Lines
  64. Southwest Airlines
  65. United Airlines
  66. Alaska Airlines
  67. American Airlines
  68. JetBlue Airways
  69. Hawaiian Airlines
  70. Spirit Airlines