November 28, 2022

How To Remove Print From Mobile – By Connecting To USB, WiFi & Cloud

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In this post, you will learn step by step how to remove the print from mobile in Hindi with a very easy method. Sometimes you are out somewhere and there is some important document on your mobile which you want to print out. But can not take laptop or PC everywhere.

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In such a situation, your smartphone comes in great use, using which you can easily print paper from any printer such as HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Brother.

First of all, you have to install the app mentioned below on your mobile. After this, the printer will have to be connected to the phone, whose 3 methods we have told. In this way, you will be able to print any PDF file or photo.

Connect with USB Cable (OTG)
To connect the printer to USB, first, you need to get a good quality OTG adapter that supports your phone, like USB Tpye-C etc. And on the other end there should be a USB 2.0 or 3.0 version that will attach to the printer.

Now you have to install the NokoPrint app. But one thing you should know is that in today’s mobiles which are coming in 2021, they have already given print option and the necessary plugin is inbuilt. So first you have to try like this, if it doesn’t happen then download the app.

  1. To make a connection, plug the OTG adapter into the phone, then connect the printer’s USB cable to the OTG.
  2. On connecting, a popup message will be given in which it will be written in English, ‘Open NokoPrint when this USB device is connected’?
  3. On clicking the OK button, the app will open and will automatically take you to the USB port.
  4. If this is not the case, then open it yourself and go to ‘Not Selected’.
  5. Next click on the USB symbol.
    Select printer in NokoPrint
  6. The connected printer will show up (now select it).
  7. If using for the first time, it will give message to install driver of HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson etc.
  8. Turn on the Internet and continue.
  9. A flash message that the printer successfully installed will appear, click OK.
  10. Now go to the home screen of NokoPrint and from there you can print whatever you want.
  11. Click on the paper icon at the bottom to set up. Enter the number of copies you want, then enter all the pages or number according to the number of pages you want to print.

paper settings
Now select the original size by clicking on the size and layout options. Last, press the blueprint button.

Print over WiFi
The era is of HiFi and nowadays smart printers are also available in the market. If your printer is wireless, then you can print it through WiFi only with the help of the above app.

For this, you have to turn on the WiFi of your printer and mobile and connect both of them to each other. After this, open NokoPrint and click on the button with WiFi instead of USB. Now you can take the printout.

Another way is to install the official app of the company whose printer is there.

like –
Epson iPrint
Brother iPrint&Scan
HP Smart
Samsung Mobile Print
Cloud Print from Mobile

Google’s cloud print service was very easy to use but unfortunately, it has been discontinued. But we have found an alternative to it, which is named ‘PaperCut Mobility Print’. This tool is completely free so far which you can use without paying any money.

But setting it up is a bit technical and for this, you will need an IT expert. Once your network is set up, you can do cloud printing from any corner of the world by just sending a command.

Note – Your computer, printer must be both on and connected to the Internet in order to remove cloud print.