November 26, 2022

How To Earn Rewards With eBay Money

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eBay Bucks is a rewards program that pays in a currency that can only be redeemed on eBay. It’s free to use, you get rewarded for buying things on eBay, and you don’t have to pay a signup fee. Participants can earn up to $100 per month or up to $500 per quarter and you will receive your eBay Bucks every three months, at the end of each quarter.

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eBay Bucks is an established program created to reward eBay users for buying items on the site. You collect Bucks when you purchase items with the qualifying logo. At the end of each quarter, users who have earned $5 or more in rewards will receive an eBay Bucks Rewards Certificate. The certificate can be redeemed on eBay to buy more items. eBay Bucks are only good on


eBay Bucks is available to US citizens or anyone with a US address associated with their eBay account. All accounts must be in good standing and must not be suspended for a violation or non-payment of fees. Users must be registered on

Users must also have a valid PayPal account in good standing. eBay UK members can sign up for a similar program called Nectar. There is a limit of only one eBay Bucks account per person. Members can sign up for free.

make eBay money

Buyers must purchase eligible items to earn eBay Bucks. Eligible purchases can fall into any category except the following:

• eBay Motors (including parts and accessories)

• Ads

• Property

• Gift cards and coupons, but only for eBay gift cards within that category

• Coins and paper money, but only for precious metals within that category

• Business and Industrial (heavy equipment only)

Purchases must be made with PayPal and you will only be credited for those purchases made after enrolling in the eBay Bucks program. For each item purchased, 1 percent or the base percentage of the purchase price is eligible for the eBay Bucks Reward.

This means you won’t get eBay dollars for money spent on shipping, taxes, or other money spent in addition to the item’s purchase price.

According to eBay,

eBay reserves the right to change the base earning percentage up or down. eBay may from time to time offer special promotions that earn members additional eBay Bucks or an additional earn percentage in addition to the basic earn percentage for qualifying purchases during the promotional period. If your purchase qualifies for multiple promotions, you will automatically earn credit towards the highest value promotional offer.”